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345 Soap- Breakfast Group Post Shave Balm

345 Soap- Breakfast Group Post Shave Balm

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Every week, folks across America get together and connect. A meeting of the minds if you will. Like-minded individuals who, want to share and connect with other dads, friends, family. FB has a group for everyone and everything. Are you obsessed with BBQing, fly-fishing, Whiskey & Bourbon….there are groups for that.

There is also a group of friends who call themselves the Breakfast Group. Well, this group wanted to have a fun shave soap release just for them. This group meets daily, and weekly, and sometimes monthly via FB chats and messenger. They talk about all things going on in their lives, and not just about shaving.

Scented with wonderful complex notes of Sandalwood & Amber. It’s a welcoming scent, just like the group.

We've realized that the post shave needs some extra love and care. These balms are great additions to your shave.

What's the big deal anyway?

As we release a new shave scent this balm will be added to the line up. Unscented balm available too!

Hyaluronic acid- This non-comedogenic will not clog your pores. In fact, it is the super power in the balm that helps hydrate your skin, and bring all the other goodness of the balm deep down into the skin.

Jojoba oil - Pronounced HoHoba, this oil is a humectant so it helps seal the skin so it doesn't lose moisture. This in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid make a great duo. Jojoba is also non-comedogenic.

See the theme? This balm gets into your skin, wont clog it, and then keeps the moisture packed in!

After you use the 345 aftershave, let it dry down for a minute then apply the balm. Scoop a small amount of balm with a finger, then place it in your palm. Rub your hands together and apply to your freshly shaved area!

With the upgraded Deus Vult base shave soap, upgraded rejuvenating aftershave, and now the extreme hydrating balm it will complete your shave and have your skin feeling refreshed!

2 ounces in a bottle, with a treatment pump. Just a dab will do; think less is more.