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Murphy & McNeil- Murphy's India Pale EDP

Murphy & McNeil- Murphy's India Pale EDP

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Introducing Murphy's IPA, a unique blend crafted for those who appreciate the finer details in grooming and the robust world of craft beer.

This EDP features an intriguing scent profile that captures the essence of a well-crafted citrus India Pale Ale. The top notes of beer and citrus create a refreshing and invigorating start, reminiscent of your favorite hoppy beverage.  The scent evolves into a heart of pine and sweet florals, offering a great balance and let's you know the scent is deceptively more complex than it would seem at first glance. The experience is rounded out with a base of hops, adding depth and a subtle bitterness that complements the initial citrusy zest like any great IPA.  

Scent Profile: 

  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Top - Beer, Citrus
  • Middle -Pine, Sweet Florals
  • Bottom - Hops
  • Notes: Murphy's IP invokes the uplifting feeling of a big sip of a fresh/citrusy IPA.  We worked hard to pull together a fragrance that does this without coming across as funky or like a stale beer.  This is one IPA where you won't need to change your shirt if you spill it on yourself.

Denatured Alcohol, Fragrance
59 mL / 2.0fl oz or 0.5fl oz

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