Vie Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush VL-14080

Vie Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush VL-14080

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This exquisite Shaving Brush from Vie-Long features the highest quality original pure horsehair and a translucent red/white handle. The fine long brown bristles are designed to create a rich, foamy, lather with extensive coverage and minimal soap use.

Key Features:

  • Very comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Features an acrylic handle, with a two-tone colored barrel.
  • Soft & closely packed horsehair is gathered into an attractive translucent handle.
  • Beautiful swirls of marbled white flow through the exquisite red-white handle.
  • Horsehair bristles allow very good water retention.
  • Traditional shaving brush.
  • The face is invigorated by the firm yet flexible action of the horsehair.
  • Overall Length - 95mm, Handle Length - 40mm, Loft - 55mm, Knot - 20mm.

Manufactured and imported from Valencia, Spain.